Good Life Tour of The Harn Sedarah Knowles

Islandia, Goddess of the Healing Waters: This artwork appeals to my core value, prosperity. This visual representation of the artist allowed me to better realize and visualize what prosperity looks like to me. This art piece allowed me to appreciate that core value by the posture and attire. The gold robe symbolized wealth and the way her upper position is symbolic to achievement and power. Perseverance is one of the main emotions this artwork instilled in me. It better helped me understand what I believe and cherish because of its symbolism and the way it just stood tall in the middle of the museum. It was the first thing I saw when I entered and that showed so much to me; it was breathtaking.
La Esfera (The Sphere) adequately represent the way the world provokes us to think thoughtfully about the human condition. This artwork from the Harn conveyed the Good Life theme of thinking and making time for yourself. The La Esfera evokes that theme because it portrays a person sitting down, pondering in deep thought. It communicates this theme because it looks gloomy and depressing but sometimes life gets depressing and you need time to yourself to think about all the adversities. This artwork contributed to my understanding of that theme because of technique and detail of the artwork; the picture only said a thousand words.
The Deirdre Downes Fogler Promenade was in my opinion the most elegant and less confusing wing of the Harn museum, and it most certainly my favorite. This wing artwork was straightforward for the most part; the seemingly simple pictures could tell a story. The lighting did contribute a major part because it was dim but not too dark to where you could not see or read, which made it comfortable. It was not overcrowded with artwork, which gave me the space and mobility to do almost anything. The exhibit overall made me feel more at home and like I was at an expensive art shop where the artwork is in the millions and celebrities and billionaires are the only one allowed.
The 'Coffee Portfolio' helped me better understand and appreciate artwork because there were paintings/ pictures that were next to each other; the one before leading to the next. It was like cause and effect relationship between the four pieces but these two made more sense to include. The message I received from them was that if you work hard, life can be enjoyable. For some reason, that message alone made me enjoy the artist and his work. The artwork made me feel like prosperity comes to those who work hard. The technique, color, and simplicity made the portfolio so striking.


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