Sponsorship and partnership opportunities are currently available for the Michigan Paint Horse Club (MPHC). As one of the leading paint horse organizations that hosts some of the largest paint breed horse shows in the country, MPHC offers a high-profile platform to showcase services, brands, and products to help you connect and engage with our dynamic membership and our even wider audience of paint horse enthusiasts.

Interested in learning more? Read on for the top three reasons to sponsor or partner with us.
#1 - Our events rock.

Our well-attended events are the perfect place for brands and businesses to connect with both new and current customers. MPHC equestrians represent a discerning and attractive marketing group; individuals and families who are passionate about equestrian competition and industry leaders that influence trends and purchasing decisions. Equestrians have diverse needs and a wide economic impact that ranges from all things equestrian to hospitality and food, travel and recreation, and so much more.

People come from all over the United States and from Canada to experience our horse shows and events.

We are recognized by the American Paint Horse Association to have some of the largest shows in the country.

In 2020, we will host or co-sponsor five horse shows and one world-class training clinic.

This past year, the combined economic impact of just two of our horse shows was just under $2 million dollars in the Lansing area.

2 - We spark joy.

We love the American Paint Horse and are committed to creating the best experiences for our members and partners. MPHC has been committed to a mission of growing and improving our club and its events, and we will continue to make strategic improvements that will raise the bar for our members and community partners alike.

Together with our partners, MPHC has made significant investments by increasing the quality of prizes and awards, contracting with industry-best show management groups, expanding our marketing presence, and partnering with industry professionals to provide high-level services such as professional photography at our events. Your sponsorship and support will allow MPHC to continue to make the critical investments and improvements that will elevate our events for all and will promote the continued economic impact for the communities and groups we serve.

3 - We support each other.

Equestrians are notable in their comrade roe and support of one another. Likewise, the Michigan Paint Horse wants to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our sponsors. We want to know your goals and leverage our strengths to benefit you and work toward our goals of continuous improvement. Current opportunities include:

Cash Sponsorship

Class/Award Sponsorship

Vendor Partnerships

Gift Certificate or Product Donation


Norfleet Marketing and Photography