Dr.Conrad Murry vs California mEREDITH MASSEY

In this special article of L.A weekly we are doing a report on the 8 year anniversary of the Dr. Conrad Murray vs California. Dr. Conrad Murray was Michael Jacksons personal physician. Dr. Murray was accused of the murder of Jackson. How you might ask, Jackson was found dead June 25th 2009. It was discovered that he died of a massive drug overdose of, Propofol and several other drugs and the mixture of all these medications resulted in his death. (Propofol is an Anesthetic which can cause sleepiness before and during surgery and other medical procedures.) Jackson had a form of insomnia and would beg and ask Dr. Murray for a drug powerful enough to make him fall asleep.

The defense ( Murray) claimed that on the night of June 25th claimed Jackson, who was tired and under pressure from rehearsing, took eight tablets of lorazepam, a sedative. "When Dr. Murray left the room, Jackson self-administered a dose of propofol that, with the lorazepam, created a perfect storm in his body that killed him instantly. The whole thing is tragic, but the evidence is not that Dr. Murray did it."

The prosecutors in the case David Walgren and Deborah Brazil, both Los Angeles deputy district attorneys, in their opening statement, told jurors: "misplaced trust in the hands of Murray cost Jackson his life". They worked hard to try and show the jury that Murray was guilty and that he was the real reason behind Jacksons death.

The trial started September 27th 2011 and was a long extensive trial. and was concluded on November 7th of 2011.

The verdict followed about nine hours of jury deliberations, which began that Friday morning in the downtown Los Angeles County courthouse. Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley thanked jurors "for their hard work and thoughtful deliberation," and expressed gratitude that they recognized the "overwhelming" evidence against Murray in finding him guilty.

The verdict was that Murray would serve 4 years in prison and was charged with involuntary man slaughter. Murray was released 2 years early due to prison crowding and let off because of good behavior.


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