Blue Tick Coon Hounds By Catherine Stehle

Blue Tick Coon Hounds are known for their long and silky ears, long curved mouths, and blue ticking on their black and white fur!
Blue Ticks have cold noses, that means they have the abitity to smell scents from a long time ago.
Blue ticks orignated in Louisiana or, "Made In USA!"
Each Blue Tick Coon Hound has their own unique howl. They use their howeling in hunting to help the hunter recognize their dog.

Blue Tick Coon Hounds

Blue Tick Hounds are smart and tenacious animals both at home and on the hunting trails. Blue Ticks are easy to care for animals, and are devoted to affection by those who provide it, especially children. They are mostly known for their long curved mouths, droopy and rather dreamy eyes, and cold noses. Cold noses are noses that can smell scents from a very long time ago. Pretty cool, right? Blue Ticks are extremely energetic and need protein in their diet to keep them in good shape. They also need a very large area to play or run around in! They are known for their intelligence in hunting, and are always there to help you when it is needed. Their life expansion varies from eleven to twelve years old, and cost around three hundred to seven hundred dollars. Pretty cheap compared to a various number of breeds! Blue ticks are sometimes aggressive when playing with them, but that’s only because (sometimes) they are in a different state of mind and think your serious, instead of playing a silly game. But no matter what, they will still love you unconditionally. They are cuddy, adorable, and have long, silky, floppy ears! A female blue tick’s weight wages from 45-64 pounds, a male is 55-80 pounds. Blue ticks are claimed to be “Made in America,” because they were founded here in the U.S.A! They are lighthearted animals with a strong and brave personality. Blue Ticks are certainly the dog to fill that empty hole in your family!


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