Paradise Humble, hardworking, simplicity

Samantha Abbott A4

Come Join Us

Come bring your family and live in Paradise, a small island in the northern pacific ocean. Come to enjoy warm weather, diverse wildlife, plants, and beautiful beaches.

Our mission in paradise is to make a home where you can live a simple life away from traffic, social media and pollution. Here you will enjoy a humble yet hardworking society. We all work together to meet our needs. After living here you will soon realize the simple things that you may never noticed before, such as a beautiful sunrise, sunset, the breath taking stars at night, and the wonderful colors that you can enjoy every day.

Though this is Paradise there are principles that apply if you would like to reside here, but we believe that they are in your best interest :


  • Schooling is free
  • No money. We all work together to get what we need.
  • Our houses are very simple homes that fulfill your basic needs. Small one level huts
  • No social media
  • Because the island is so small you can walk everywhere so, no motorized vehicles are present on the island besides the airplane you take to get here.
  • We have a leader but he/she has no more power then anyone else. They are there to organize and help the community run smoothly
  • Anyone can suggest laws or things that we want to change.
  • You have the freedom to practice your own religion unless it takes away from others freedoms.
  • Here we respect our land, we do not litter, vandalize or do anything that could take away from the islands natural beauty.
  • We hunt for the things we need but do not take advantage of these freedoms and over hunt animals.
Our symbol in Paradise is the White Calla Lily because of its simple beauty.

A Typical day in Paradise

Here in Paradise you have few cares or worries. We all work together to have the things we need. The jobs are instead skills that you use to help others. It's not like a regular job because there is no money. There is a small education system that goes from elementary school to college so everyone has an opportunity. The normal things that we learn outside of school is to hunt, fish, swimming, gardening, and canoeing.

We have beautiful sunsets and sunrises everyday
The nighttime is breath taking

Hurry fast

We are sad to inform you though that due to the smallness of our land there is limited space. Once the spots our filled this offer closes. Hurry fast so that you can live.....

A Life in Paradise

We look forward to meeting you.


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