My Ideal Career paediatric nursing

As a few of my aunties have taken on nursing as a career, it has also made me want to take it on too, as I love children and would love to work with them when i am older.

The skill that is needed for this job is communication. You need to be good a communication with others as you may need to explain surgery's to some children and their parents. You also need to be able to calm children down, if they are scared of needles you may need to distract them while they're getting their injections/bloods taken or getting a line in as they are the most common things nurses do.

To do a nursing degree, you will usually need five GCSEs that have to be a grade A-C including maths, English and science, plus at least two A levels with one in a science or health-related subject. Alternatively, a level 3 in science or health and social care may be accepted.

Associate's and Bachelor's Degree Programs. Aspiring pediatric nurses may also complete a 2-year Associate Degree in Nursing or a 4-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing Like nursing diploma programs, these degree programs offer classroom education combined with clinical experience.

The amount of hours that a pediatric nurse works depends on where you work and what you do. If you work in a hospital you will have to work an average to 8 or 12 hours five days a week. Shifts are usually from 7am to 7pm, 7am to 3pm, 3pm to 11pm, or 11pm to 7am.

I hope to work in musgrave hospital when i am going to be a student nurse as i have spent so much time there espically when i was 12 or so, the nurses there are really nice and seem to teach the student nurses really well and explain everything to them clearly. Pediatric Nurse Salary. A Pediatric Nurse earns an average wage of £25.91 per hour.

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