Bowling for Columbine Project A detailed look at Michael Moore's Documentary

In the film , Bowling for Columbine, Michael Moore discusses America's gun laws and talks about tragedies such as the Columbine High School shooting. Michael Moore starts off the film by going to a bank and acquiring a firearm from the bank. This scene shows how ridiculous some gun laws can be in the United States. This is one of many examples in the movie about how gun laws in America can be hard to believe. One other example in the film is when Michael and two survivors of columbine go to the Kmart headquarters and Micheal tries to get Kmart to give a refund to two of the survivors of the Columbine shooting as they have bullets lodged inside of them that were purchased from Kmart. At first, Kmart would not do anything. This caused Michael to go into action as he and the two survivors went to a Kmart and bought all the ammunition they had. After this, they went back to the Kmart headquarters the next day with the media and got Kmart to stop selling ammunition at Kmart. Michael was satisfied with this outcome as he felt it had been effort well spent for a good cause.

Michael Moore Acquiring a rifle from a bank.

Michael did other things in this movie such as discovering that there is a large amount of guns in Canada too however, he also finds out that the amount of gun violence is significantly lower in Canada than it is in America. This surprises Michael as he thought that having guns would probably lead to an increase in violence. This was disproved by Canada as the is such less gun violence there that most of the people he asked about locking their doors in Canada said that they do not lock their doors as they don't really see it as an issue. Michael then tested this out by opening the doors of a few random homes in Canada and found out that some were indeed unlocked. There is another part of the documentary in which Michael talks about a shooting in which a child kills another child at school with a gun. After the shooting, Charlton Heston, an actor and leader of the NRA, went to the town and held a pro gun rally. Many people were upset by what Charlton did and felt it was inappropriate. Charlton had held a similar pro gun rally in the town of Columbine after the Columbine shooting. This led to a scene that happens at the end of the film where Michael schedules an interview with Charlton Heston. During the interview at Heston's house, Michael starts off slow by asking Charlton some basic questions, he then ramps it up by bringing up the girl who was Shot and killed by the other child, this makes Charlton upset as he was not expecting to be asked this kind of question. He becomes even more upset when Michael asks him to apologize to the girl. Him becoming upset made him not want to be interviewed anymore which is evident by getting up and leaving the room in the middle of the interview he was having. It is at this point that Michael follows Charlton outside and holds up a picture of the girl that died, Charlton doesn't even turn around to look at it and walks away. This is the scene what the movie ends on. The movie is very direct with its question of trying to figure out two questions. The first question is why the Columbine Shooting happened and the second is why the rate of gun violence in America is much higher than in other countries. One of the reasons Michael said could of been the reason for Columbine is because of the bowling class that the two shooters had attended which is the reason the movie is called "Bowling for Columbine." The reasons for high gun violence rates in America was difficult to figure out as there was too many reasons to figure out how gun violence can happen which is evidenced by Michael saying "After Columbine, no one could figure out why the boy had resorted to violence." In conclusion That is my look at Michael Moore's documentary,"Bowling for Columbine."


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