During this time of crisis, we have adjusted our classes to best offer support for you and for ourselves.

Terilyn is available for private sessions via Zoom. She can be reached by email terilynyoga@gmail.com or phone (206) 321-4912.

Terilyn + Kanti offer donation based classes. This is offered via Facebook Live. Follow Terilyn for updates and viewing. Join us!

  • Flow for Grounding and Centering. Mon/Wed/Fri 10AM PST on FB
  • Zoom at Noon Flow Class. Tue. + Thur. 12pm PST

We trust the power of community to support us through donations for our online classes. Please donate what you can and know that your donations support those who cannot pay and who are in need during these unprecedented times.

  • Venmo: @terilyn-wyre
  • PayPal: PayPal.me/TWyre


Our mission is to make yoga, meditation and other healing practices more accessible to more folx across more of our differences.

We strive to be a brave space for all bodies: all racial identities, sexual orientations, gender identities, all body shapes and sizes, ages and abilities, all cultures and all religions to feel our inherent dignity and share practices to support our individual and collective liberation.

We recognize that through the process of yoga practices including postures/asana, breathing techniques/pranayama mantra/chanting and meditation strong emotions can arise. We invite all students to be radical in self care and sovereignty by taking true space to be curious about and tenderly hold whatever arises. We believe that yoga is one way to truly metabolize trauma through the courage and vulnerability it takes to trust ourselves, turn into and breathe when strong emotions and narratives arise. We know that the practices of yoga can at times feel confrontational and we believe this is a doorway into a deeper understanding of ourselves. We trust our students to take radical self responsibility for what they need for self care including pausing or changing what is offered to better suit where they are at that day and opting out of practices. We believe an advanced practice is one where we take exquisite care of our physical bodies as well as our emotional body, mental body and energetic body. This is why we do not believe in levels for our classes. All levels are welcome whether it is your very first class or you have been practicing daily for many years. Oftentimes the more advanced practice can appear more subtle physically. The student who can be curious about present for whatever arises is advanced.

We believe the folx who can pay market value for yoga classes will pay and the folx who can’t deserve to be here. No one will ever be turned away for inability to pay. There is an anonymous donation cash/check box and we operate on a system of trust. We also believe in reparations, justice and equity. 5% of every dollar we raise will be given monthly to Real Rent Duwamish in acknowledgement of the privilege we have to be stewards of this piece of land.

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Community Collaborative Suggested Donations

  • Sponsor: enough access to funds to support others
  • Sustainer: adequate access to funds
  • Supported: limited access to funds
  • no one is ever turned away for the inability to pay.

Single Class

  • Sponsor $20-$$
  • Sustainer $12-$18
  • Supported $0-$10

5 Class Pass

  • Sponsor $95-$$$
  • Sustainer $60-$90
  • Supported $10-$50

10 Class Pass

  • Sponsor $175-$$$
  • Sustainer $125-$150
  • Supported $10-$100

Workshops 2-3 hours

  • Sponsor $45-$$$
  • Sustainer $25-$40
  • Supported $0-$20
Terilyn Wyre, DOTS Co-Founder

Terilyn is all about COMMUNITY! This passion and commitment shines through in every class that she teaches and in her every interaction. She teaches from the belief that yoga is for every body; all racial identities , all sexual orientations, all gender identities, all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities, all cultures and all religions. Terilyn is committed to continue doing the work to decolonize her mind from the limiting beliefs of white supremacy and patriarchal culture to hold brave and safer space for all bodies to feel welcome and feel the inherent dignity that is our birthright.

Terilyn sees yoga as a tool to reveal and heal trauma as well as express love, joy and liberation and she feels deeply honored to hold sacred space for others to find healing and liberation in themselves.

Terilyn’s main influences/teachers are Reverend Angel Kyodo Williams and Seane Corn.

Kanti Devi, DOTS Co-Founder

Kanti Devi Heilani offers her depth of wisdom in an approachable and digestible way. She draws upon indigenous insight from her Kanaka Maoli (Hawaiian) ancestry and her Śivananda yoga lineage, as well as Ayurvedic knowledge as a student of Dr. Vasant Lad.

As a queer cis-gendered woman of mixed ancestry, Kanti is dedicated to freeing herself from dominant patriarchal culture by acknowledging the colonizer and colonized within her living DNA. She has stood on the front lines of sacred activism for racial and planetary justice and knows intimately the deep need for self care. Now, she trains other activists, healers and artists to reveal and heal their personal and ancestral wounds to be of true service in the world. When not working Kanti can be found urban homesteading, creating peace through gardening and raising dogs and chickens.

Contact Us

Email: terilynyoga@gmail.com

Phone: (206) 321-4912

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