About Miranda Dalton

This is me in my highest level of excitement at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloon Inflation Party last Thanksgiving

Hi there! My name is Miranda Dalton and I am from good ol' Patrick County, Virginia. I am sure most of you have not heard of it, but it is just an hour away from Radford. Patrick County is an area where it is very likely the cows out number the people in the county. So I, like many others, grew up on a farm. We have a little bit of everything from cows, to chickens, and even peacocks! I am extremely close to my family. I have one older sister, and she two children. I now live in Blacksburg with my oh so fabulous boyfriend (who is a super rad tattoo artist) and an even more fabulous cat, her name is Cat.

My sister, kids, and I being chased by dinosaurs (left) Family photo of my boyfriend, Cat, and I (middle ) One of our 13 peacocks at home (right)

I am currently in my second semester as a Graduate Student in Radford's Education program. I also completed my undergrad here, but in Psychology (and a minor in Peace Studies). After graduation I realized psychology was not the route I wanted to go in at all. Upon some soul searching I realized I wanted to become a teacher. It was an occupation that was always suggested to me many times, but I would always refrain from wanting to pursue it. Growing up, my mom was a preschool teacher and I saw how tough that was, so I never wanted that for myself. Now look at me! I really just want to make a difference in this world and I hope to do that with my teaching. In 5-10 years I hope to be teaching middle schoolers math or science. I aspire to have a teaching style that makes learning fun again and kids enjoy learning.

Some things that bug me are

1. How mean my cat is.

This is her in mid-yawn, but it captures how evil she can look

2. Birds really bug me. Partially because I am extremely terrified of them.

This is basically me whenever I am around birds!

Things that are important to me:

1. Like I said before, my family is very important to me.

Here is some of my family over a yummy family dinner.

2. I am madly obsessed with cats. If it has a cat on it or is a cat, I will love it!

3. Traveling. I really love to travel to different places. My favorite places are the beach or New York City where I can stay on the Upper East Side and live life like Gossip Girl (I am also obsessed with that show).

A picture I took on my last trip to NYC (left) and a picture from Prince Edward Island, Canada(right)

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