Gifted BeYOUtiful living E n V i s i o n e e r i n g 2016 A Gathering for heart centred women Leaders & Visionaries Who Dare To W e a v e The New World sunday nov 27 th 2016


The feminine is rising through the hearts of medicine women who dare to express their own unique, creative, un shackled spirit... women who dare to bring their presence, voice + sacred work into the world more visibly than ever before... who dare to weave new realities, systems and ways of working and living, that access the True Divine Nature of all life with honour, gratitude, love and allowance that begins with her I AM presence, and those she leads and serves.

"Women have lost touch with their inner wildness. We know it’s gone because we are suffering — dramatically, quietly, alone — but what we may not know is that it’s time to find it, reconnect to it, and own it, to save ourselves and the planet."

There have been other turning points like this in times past, rich with uprisings, breakthroughs in consciousness, and possibilities never before imagined. The tribe of awakened some is gathering around the world, united in their truth through the power of story telling that women have always used to illuminate the way forward, together. I believe we are at such a point again.

And that each of us is called to weave the new reality into form through the unfolding of our own souls & the intelligence - of our sacred hearts beating as one, attuned bodies to gaia's life force, and uniquely expressed spirits. This is the way of the illuminated, GIFTED woman who knows she plays her part in healing this great separation sickness on the planet and coming home to her tribe, her truths and her unique gifts as only she can.

We medicine women are the revolutionaries, visionaries, & ancient wise women living in modern times, called from the very fabric of our souls to do things differently. To choose to unhook from ways that use fear, control, manipulation, and false pressure. We can choose to remove ourselves from the over-culture and create new, elevated realities - woven from love, creativity, and true feminine power - that inform both the present & future. We imagine if this invitation has managed to find you, you too know different realities are wanting to emerge – ones that honor the sacred, create both bounty and balance, heal humanity, expand people’s consciousness, and serve all.

Dive deeper into the mystery

The path ahead of us is uncharted and hidden in the mystery.

And that’s okay. We medicine women don’t always need to see where we are going or what it will look like – but we do need to gather our threads and begin. You may not know exactly what this looks like or how to create it – yet – although you do have some threads and you know you are part of this shift. And you are daring enough to take the journey into uncharted waters, to chart a new path using the sacred tools available to women like us who are willing to travel between the worlds, and travel more deeply into the realm of our hearts and souls than ever before to find the wisdom waiting for us.

The wisdom you need to navigate the waters ahead are within you. The challenge is in revealing and bringing your aligned path into your conscious awareness, so you can sense it within your physical body, articulate it through your heart and mind, and cultivate it into a finely attuned navigation system that can guide you forward in the way your soul is meant to travel. Your soul has answers. The quantum field can show you the way. Your heart and body have been programmed with messages, keys and wisdom – but how do you gain access? That is what our quest is all about...

We women are being called into a new form of leadership in all arenas — from motherhood to the marketplace. This paradigm draws from the sacred feminine, and as we tap into this profound source of wisdom and strength, we can bring a level of healing that’s never been seen before on our planet (and is desperately needed!).

If you want to live deeply, love passionately and lead powerfully, this is YOUR chance.

As we explore a GIFTED life, you’ll discover how to:

Create your legacy for 2017 & beyond

Find true fulfilment in your life, business & body

Cultivate your radiant feminine presence - tap into your core desires

Clear your inner obstacles & live abundant & in flow

Unleash new creative energy & thrive

Harness the power of gratitude & celebration

Connect with your soul and align your life with your purpose

Engage in all areas of your life from a place of deep presence

Tap into your wealth abundance and success

No vision is too big, no challenge is too difficult, and no event from your past can hold you back when you have the support of a community of powerful women.

Wolves & women are the same We have been hunted We have been desired We are a sight to see, many will gather from far and wide to be entertained by us Some fear us Some love us We protect our young and are loyal. We are wild untamed Before we leave this earth- we leave our mark.

Say YES to this powerful circle of support and unleash your highest potential! to express your GIFTED and it is time to share your GIFTS with the world!

When: Saturday 12th or Sunday 13th November

Time: 9.30am 'til 5pm

Where: True Nature Sanctuary #17 Boekenhout Crescent Riverclub, Sandton, Johannesburg

Investment: SAR1250 includes lunch, refreshments and all art materials & adornments


Register now and claim your GIFTED life!





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