Welcome to Oakhurst Country Club Seniors Golf Program for 2021

The plan for Oakhurst and most other participating clubs is to begin the season using tee times (vs shot gun) and box lunches (rather than sit down breakfast and lunch). Members from the same clubs will share carts with dividers with exceptions made as needed for individual riders. We hope to revert to normal operations (shot gun, sit down meals, shared carts with other club members) as soon as possible with direction from club management and the county.


As most of you are aware, Oakhurst CC participates in the BASA program which includes most of the country clubs in the greater East Bay. BASA members (Age 50+) schedule home and away events throughout the summer. The matches are more of a social event than competition. A typical day includes breakfast, golf, and lunch. The golf portion of the activity usually consists of mixed foursomes (members of both/sometimes 3 clubs) playing a Stableford format. Limited prizes are usually awarded following the match. There are no standings or records of wins and losses, so competition is minimized. The cost for any event is set by the host club, but usually will be in the $55 range. A member can participate in some/all of the events, so don’t feel as though you must play each event. We do, however, expect any participants to play in as many home events as away contests. Also, due to COVID related issues, participation at some away events may be even more limited this year than prior. You DO NOT have to be a Men’s Club member to participate, but you must be a member at Oakhurst, be 50+ years old, and have an established handicap.


Each Senior participant will be charged a yearly one time fee of $50. This money will show on your monthly Oakhurst billing statement (likely April statement) and will go toward items the Senior Leadership Committee deems appropriate to further enhance the program (prizes such as scrip/wine/reduced cost of Senior shirts/activities; etc.)


Well in advance of scheduled events, you will be receiving an email announcing the date and time that event registration will be available on Foretees. Typically we will set up sign ups for 4-5 events that are scheduled for the upcoming month. To register for events:

  • If you use the Foretees app on your smart phone, open the app, click on Foretees at the bottom of the screen. Then select Golf image/link followed by Tournament Registration. Find the event you want to register for and click on it.
  • If you use a computer to access Foretees, access the Oakhurstcc.com website, sign in as a member, click on member tee times, then select your name. This will bring you to the page with a calendar to sign up for tee times. At the top of the page there is a menu spanning across the top. Select Events which will show a list of all events scheduled including the Senior outings that have been released for signup.


There may be a few away events this year where we will need to reduce our numbers (that number is set by the host club). Should that happen, our procedure will be to request volunteers (any volunteers will receive SGOTY points). If further reduction is necessary, we will use the last to sign up, first to be dropped system. .


We usually select and order a team shirt for the coming season. That is usually done in December/January. A shirt is NOT mandatory, but we ask that you wear a white shirt of some kind when you participate in our events. Given the late start and uncertainty surrounding this years program, there will not be a 2021 Senior shirt.


The season usually begins with our annual Kick-Off activity, scheduled this year for Saturday, March 27, (2021). This event will begin with tee times starting at 10:00 and likely include a box lunch or lunch at the snack shack. Cost for this event will be determined soon once the lunch details are finalized.


When we host using shot gun starts, we have used volunteers to help with registration, selling raffle tickets, running the putting contest, etc. We will once again send out requests prior to each home event and hope all of you will “take your turn” to help make our home events successful.


As the season progresses, participants are awarded points for participation, greenies, putting contest winners, flight winners, low net and low gross. These points accumulate, and the leading sixteen point earners after the final event of the year (Yocha Dehe), will have the opportunity to play on Thursday, October 21 for the championship. In the bar area of the club there is a plaque mounted on the wall that displays the SGOTY points winner as well as the year end event champion. As the season progresses, you can follow the points race on the Oakhurst Men’s Club website by clicking on the Seniors tab.


Click the link below to see the tentative schedule for 2021. We will be making adjustments as events get firmly scheduled and as procedures are revised (meals, tee times, etc.). In the next week or so we will be sending out invites for the first two events, the kickoff outing and the Bayonet/Poppy Hills trip.


Email the Co-President of the Seniors Golf Club, Steve Larragueta at larraguetas@yahoo.com to confirm you are an OCC Member and plan on participating in this year's program.

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Lindsey Walker