Crumbl Cookies Food review


Crumbl cookie review

On Thursday, Nov. 19, 2020 Crumbl Cookies opened a new location in Coral Springs. They not only sell a wide and diverse range of cookies and ice cream flavors, but they make them all fresh in store.

On every Monday the company changes up their menu by offering new cookie flavors; however, “Chilled Sugar’’ and “Milk Chocolate Chip’’ remain on the menu every week. Some of their previous flavors include “Cinnamon Swirl,’’ “Waffle,’’ “Cookies and Creme,’’ “Andes Mint Choco Chip’’ and “Peach Cobbler.”

Each cookie comes either warm or chilled, depending on their flavor. For instance, “Andes Mint Choco Chip” is chilled, while “Milk Chocolate Chip” is warmed. Their cookies are sold in three different forms. A single cookie is $3.48, four cookies are $10.98 and the Party Box, which include 12 cookies, are $27.48.

In addition to cookies, Crumbl also sells their own form of ice cream called Crumbl Cream. They use their cookies to create unique ice cream flavors. Some flavors include Cookies and Cream, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Cake, and Muddy Buddy. Their Crumbl Cream is sold in two forms. The single cream, which is one creamy half pint, goes for $3.48 and the Cream Carrier, which is four creamy half pints, goes $10.98. Crumbl offers 2% milk, chocolate milk and Crumbl water throughout their stores. All of these can be purchased for $2.18.

Once you enter the store and place your order, the cookies are packaged right in front of you and the box is closed after you view them. Going in store is not the only way to purchase these cookies. The store offers a variety of options to get their cookies. They can deliver, ship, cater and do curbside pick up as well.

The “Andes Mint Choco Chip” cookie was extremely delicious. It was a chocolate cookie with mint pieces inside and mint icing. Since it was a chilled cookie, that pulled it all together.

The staff is so kind, helpful and offers the best of suggestions. They are extremely polite and will answer any questions that might pop up. The service and cookies are both incredible. Crumbl Cookies is definitely worth the trip or order.


Delaney R. Walker