Antarctica 2017 Adam and pete's most excellent adventure

The panoramas below are ultra hi-res images taken with specialized equipment and stitched together to create images between 400 and 1000 megapixels. The links below will show you small versions (relatively speaking) that will display nicely on most devices. If you want to count the penguins on the hills, use the link above and browse to the panoramas folder to download the ultra hi-res versions.

panorama 01
panorama 02
panorama 03
panorama 04
panorama 05 (full gigapixel image)
Albatross, Skuas and Petrols in the Drake Passage
Hanna Point with Gentoo, Chinstrap and one Macaroni penguin. Lots of molting young elephant seals. Add in some cool whale bones and rare tiny plants for an amazing first landing the South Shetland Islands
Deception Island
Whale Watching after Dinner
Icebergs, penguin highways, an Argentine research station and our first spotting of a leopard seal
An Evening with Humpback Whales with a massive tabular iceberg seen at the end of the night
1st Landing on the Continent
Yes, sunset really looked like this! The sun never set, it just hangs like this for an hour or two and comes back up
Adelie Penguins by Palmer Station and some crystal clear black icebergs
Palmer Station
The Never Ending Sunset and our night watch friends on deck
A warm day for a big hike
With our new friends the "Potomac Rookery"
An Evening with Killer and Minke Whales
Last View of Antarctica
Drake Shake
Tiera del Fuego
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Pete Goldstein

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