Before the Boarding By:Andrew Davis

Tomorrow we would take a ship to America. This wasn't some random ship though, this was the Titanic. The first "Unskinkable" ship.

"Mum, I'm going to see if Johnny can play." said Luke.

"Ok, but you must be back by tea time." replied his Mum.

Luke ran to Johnny's flat faster than u can say aye! When he got there he rang the door bell and Johnny came rushing to the door. Luke invited him over until tea time. Johnny had to ask permission of his mum first, she said yes.

This a flat, or a British apartment building!

When the two got back to Luke's flat, the both agreed on playing futball. Both of them played for travel teams, but they both new that Johnny was the better player and Luke was rubbish. They switched back and forth after every shot. They also liked to play this mini game called goalie wars. This is where you can punt the ball from any where behind mid field and try to score. They had been playing for about ten minutes but it felt like a fortnight. Finally Johnny kicked a ball perfectly. It was headed right for the upper 90. Luke jumped for the ball but in conked him in the nose and went in. Then they knew the Johnny was the real corker."That is just hard cheese." said Johnny.


"Ya!" said Luke. "Want to do something else?"

"Sure, lets go inside." said Johnny.

When they got inside they started talking about that new ship called the Titanic.

"Yo, Johnny, I got to go to the loo, wait here." said Luke.

When Luke went to the loo, Johnny over heard his mom planning to buy 2nd class tickets for the Titanic. Johnny was jealous and wished that his family had the pounds for that. Unfortunately for Johnny his family's business just went skint.

"Hey, Luke, are you guys going to take a trip on the Titanic?" ask Johnny.

"Ya, second class, want to come?" he asked

"Me, come on the Titanic, with you!" he said astonished.

"Here, we can talk about this later, now lets go do something." said Luke.

The Titanic

They sat down on the couch and started to think what they could to. They threw ideas back and forth at each other until finally Johnny turned on the telly. They were about to start the World cup. Johnny and Luke looked at each other and then they knew exactly what they wanted to do.

"Lets watch the World Cup!" Johnny and Luke said in unison.

As they were watching the world cup along came tea time. They ate biscuits, fish and chips, scones, mincemeat pies, watched the world cup, and talked about the Titanic. This was the best time of their life. "So, what is their to do on the Titanic?" asked Johnny.

"There is a bunch of things to do like soccer, shop, swim, and even eventing." It is like 100 floating rugby stadiums!" exclaimed Luke with busciuts in his mouth.

"That's bobbins, it's that big?" said Johnny.

They were watching the Idiot box and Arsenal was about to score against Manchester City and then the postman rang the the door bell. They got up to go answer it and realized it was actually a postwomen. She was here to deliver the Tickets for the Titanic, there was only four. That is when Johnny got extremely mad. They got into an argy-bargy.

"I'm leaving now!" Johnny.

"Your as mad as a hatter" said Luke.

"You also kinda sound like a town crier"

At that moment Johnny ran out the front door and went back to his family, or what was left of it. His family had no more pounds. They were completely broke. Da ran into the room and asked what happened. Luke explained and then walked away. They all were said for his family, but then they had heard the great news...

1.Mum- Mom 2.Da- Dad 3.Biscuits- Cookies 4.Loo- Toliet

5.Town Crier- Person who works in the court 6.Mad as a Hatter- Really mad

7.Tea Time- Snack Time 8.Aye-Hey 9.Flat-Apartment 10. Futball-Soccer

11.Fortnight- Two Weeks 12.Conked- Hit 13.Corker- The better one (really good at something)

14. Hard Cheese- Bad Luck 15.Pounds-Money 16.Skint-Bankrupt(No money) 17. Telly-TV

18. Mincemeat pie-A mix of dried fruit and spices 19. Scones-A sweet kinda like a cookie

20. Bobbins-Rubbish 21. Idoit Box- TV 22. Argy Bargy- A fight


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