A Good Sacrifice Kat DeStefano

I was in the middle of the third grade when the news was broken to me that I would be going to a different school for fourth and fifth grade. I was redistricted from Community School to Garvin Memorial School with only a few other students. I would be going to a school where I knew nobody.

On the day of orientation, my mom introduced me to a small girl named Allison. My mom had worked there in the past, so she knew a few students. From then on, Allison introduced me to 2 other girls who would soon become my best friends, Teni and Lauren.

Fourth grade passed by very quickly and I got very close with these 3 girls. In the summer time, almost every weekend, we would get together to do anything. From going to the beach all day with our families to having endless sleepovers. Fifth grade came around the corner before we knew it, and we were all saddened that our fun-filled summer was coming to an end.

Throughout fifth grade, we got even closer. During fall, we would spend our school days running around the playground, throwing leaves at each other. In the winter we would spend our weekends sledding. After our long day of icy, cold wind blowing against our faces, we went to either one of our houses to drink hot chocolate. The list of our endless activities goes on and on. I didn’t know this at the time, but it was soon going to come to an end.

It was the last month of my fifth grade year at that school. I soon figured out that almost everybody at that school was going to the opposite middle school that I was going to. Since I had drifted away from most of the friendships I had created at Community School, I was going to a bigger school with more students and with less connections. The thought of that constantly terrified me. Everyday, I begged and begged my parents to let me go to Mccourt Middle School, but the answer continued to be no. Since I was so close to Teni, Allison, and Lauren, it was even harder to let go of our close friendship and go to North Cumberland Middle School.

Summer going into sixth grade went by unusually slow and in the beginning of the summer, we continued to do our regular activities. It was near the end of the summer when we only talked about once or twice a day. The only thing that was running through my mind was “Why is this happening?” or “I never thought this was ever going to happen?” We were all slowly drifting apart and soon enough, it was fall again. The first day of middle school came around. I was too nervous to eat anything before I started my school day. My stomach swirled as I got onto my new bus that made its way to the new school. On the bus ride there, all I could think was “I am going to a bigger school with so many more students and not many friendships.” All throughout the day, that was the only thing running through my head.

After my long, tiring first day was over, I got home. Although it was an exhausting day, I had reconnected with old friends and made so many new friends that I would soon be very close with in the future. It was especially hard for the change because I was going to an elementary school where most of the students would be going to the opposite middle school that I would be going to.

To this very day, I have many friends and I am very happy where I am. I am still somewhat close with my old friends from Garvin, as well. It turns out that my sacrifice of my comfort zone and my relationships had turned out to be a good thing. Among the years, I have learned that not every sacrifice has to have a bad outcome, but some may be life-changing.

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