Fashion II Digital Portfolio Allison Goble

Machine Blind Hem with Folded Under Edge Finish Stitch
Outside Corner with Mitered and Bound Edge Stitch
Tailor’s Tack
Plain Seam with Hong Kong Finish Stitch
Michael Kors inspired skirt and off the shoulder top barbie replica.
I attached a navy blue V-neck tee shirt to a floral patterned skirt that I sewed using elastic around the waist.
I sewed a cosmetic bag using a light blue outer fabric to match with my gray inner fabric . I used a white zipper and added tabs on the edges to aid in zipping and unzipping. I also added a matching monogram as well.
Fabric Appearance Test where we examined the way the fabric looked and felt and whether or not it was flexible or had high/low resiliency.
Fabric Burn Test where my group determined how the fabrics reacted to the flame as it approached it, and how it reacted in the flame, and also how it reacted when it was removed from the flame. Then at the end we determined if it ashed or beaded.
This is my Weave Project where I took yarn and attached it to a cardboard base. Then I did different weaves in thirds.
House Project where we made a base and then used Popsicle sticks as the beams. We labeled all of our house parts to show what things we used to represent the house parts.


Created with images by WerbeFabrik - "yarn thread sew" • Pexels - "cloth fabric thread"

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