Daily Blog Johnathan Hicks

Day 1:

Started on doing my sketches in my red notebook that does not have a spiral.This process took forever tbh I didn't do anything .Looked around the classroom to get a few different ideas and then mixed it up and made it me.You checked them and said they were ok.Then listened to music

Day 2:Im staring on my cover.The goal is to finish by the of the class period which docent seem like enough time to do so.I draw this out copying it from my schetches.Out of my notebook.

Day 3: IToday we are supposed to be done with the drawing and also have the drawing outlined.I worked on it did not finish and did the rest at home ad brought it back the next day.I was low key behind but caught up.

Day 4: Today I brought back the drawing outlined with sharpie.by the end of this class I'm supposed to be done and have the circle glued to a black piece of paper.Today I colored the cover with the different colors

Day 5: I started the actual pages on the big piece of paper and got halfway done with outlining.Goal for today is to be done with outlining front and back so i can hurry up and be done with this project.

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