Video Game Design II

A good game has high replay-ability, a good story, smart controls, & smooth and crisp mechanics.
Workplace safety can be utilized to keep a nice workplace environment; with minimal injuries.
When it comes to video game design, communication is very important. Even in writing, designers must communicate. Writing takes up a good part of a final game project, from paperwork such as manuals, even in game tutorials and information.
Story boarding is a key part in design of a games story and development of the game. the process is simple and does not require art skills. This process maps out what you need to do.
In the Video game industry, protecting your ideas is important. To avoid people stealing and mass producing your idea, we copyright our products and patent our ideas. There are many Federal Laws on copyright procedure.
Cornell notes are easy, organized and well formatted notes. the left column is for key terms and ideas. the right side is for defining and explaining those on the left. The bottom is to summarize your ideas as a whole.
There are different classes of color: Primary, secondary and intermediate. Red, blue and yellow make up the primary section. Secondary is green, purple and orange. Lastly, the intermediate colors are yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, red-violet, red-orange, and yellow-orange.
My most desired position in the video game industry is a story boarder. These creative people get to shape the story. This job is very important and cool.
I believe that the most demanding job in the field of video game design is the Video Game Artist. The Artist needs to have multiple skills from online platforms to real life artistry. They need to be imaginative and creative and be able to express story/ emotion through their Game Art.
The job of video game designer is a very good career depending on your interest. there are so many sections in this job that you can get into, from artistry to coding. If you work hard to get in the business and stay, it is a great career choice.
The island was secluded from the virus that the world was facing, but they couldn't keep it away. Prisoners watched in terror from their cells as guards were attacked by other guards. prisoners were releasing other prisoners. Everything was in panic as the outbreak took over Alcatraz Island.
My sequel to Call of Duty is Consumer Enslavement. It was a play on the loyal fan base and Call of Duty's want for money.
The flood was something that we were warned about, yet didn't we listen. It all caught up to us finally, too much fossil fuel use. Now to get to the government safe zone before it is too late.
My favorite mortal kombat character is raiden. i do not play these games but he seems to be really cool.
Online converting is very necessary with so many various file types. The online converter we used was simple and got the job done.
Blender is a cool program that isn't to herd to keep up with. At first the interface looks hauntingly confusing. Yet with brief explanation it is alright.
18: Adding the photos were simple and easy, just a few clicks

19: Created the circle with Shift A,

20: The periscope was a series of extruding a cylinder

21:The rudder was added with Shift A

22:the martini glass is like the vase we did last year, i assume the modeling techniques will be the same.

23: The toothpick was simple and just mesh editing.

24:The Flashlight is a fresh new model and it is fun and exciting. It really brings new tasks to the skills i have earned with previous models.

25: The reflector was a simple shape, added like other meshes. It was fairly easy to manipulate.

26: Trees and terrain are easy aspects of the complex program that is Unity. Downloaded assets bring us trees. The terrain is stock in Unity.

27: The unity editors are very easy to navigate once you learn the basics of them. They warp, scale, move, and transform all around. The five editors are all useful.

28: The set up for roll a ball is a configuration of simple shapes. We created a play area for our ball, this keeps it secure place for the ball.

29: We had to cod the camera to follow the ball in a way that worked for our game.

30:The walls were simple shapes that made up a pin for our ball.

31: The survival shooter is a hefty project with a large map. The most of it was pre set up, we just had to add to it.

32:The health slider was a setup that wasn't to difficult, it determines health.

33: The bugle background was a simple adding with the image editor; like with the yellow sub.

34:The Castle is a model based off a rectangular shape, so it isn't too difficult. The model didn't mess with my head hard, I encountered little errors and fixable ones if I did. A series of selecting and extruding got us our progress, the castle walls.
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