Infinity Ring A Mutyny in Time By: yoel,mms


Save The Future or Die

What would you choose if you have to save yourself or your friends. Who would you save? Would you save yourself or your friends? The book Infinity Ring, by James Dasher, says words like this . Sarah wanted to fix a time machine, but she had to go to the future to fix it. So she went with her friends. But she was also going to have fun because she was going in a adventure. So, she went back in time to save the future. My favorite part was when Sarah, Dack, and Smyth fixed the Infinity Ring. They had to fixed it because if they don´t fixed it the world was going to end. Sarah was so happy she was almost crying. This book teaches me to not give up.No matter what I always have to be doing the right thing. They never give up on their job.They always kept doing the right things. They all work together no matter what the place or the situation is. The book is interesting because theyŕe always working together. When they are feeling upset they try to do something to make them feel better. A way to make them feel better is to something funny or do something. Dack wants to be like Sarah. Likewise, he wants to do the same activities as Sarah because she loves to do the right thing. I think you might like to read this book if you like action and adventure books. This book is about adventure, action, and friendship.

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Yoel molina


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