Coach V's Cottage By: Menna Sherif

In my project at first, we had to create a blueprint for how the cottage would look like. So, that is my blueprint.

After doing the inside blueprint we are supposed to do the side view. This is my side view.

After that we were supposed to do a tinker cad based on our blue prints, so now I will show you my tinker cad on every side front, back, right, and left.

This is the front view. The hole in the middle is the door, and the hole on the side is the window. The window measures 1 meter.
This is the tinker cad right-side view
This is the left-sided view in Tinker cad
This is the back view in Tinker cad

After all that we are supposed to do the cost calculations.So I am supposed to know 1.Painting the cottag 2.Putting a roof/shingles on the cottage 3. Determining the heating bill during the winter months (December to February)

So, that is the cost calculations for my cottage. The final cost for the whole cottage is 246 euros.

Thank you for listening I hope you enjoyed!

Created By
Menna Sherif Ismail

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