SweetPotatoes/s Soup in the Blenders

We do this recipe with pictures and text because I knew I was in a #GPFog and I could not rely on my memory. So I decided to take pics of the ingredients to attempt a recipe share in a slightly different way. I hope it is helpful. If it is not? I will learn from it and try a new way.

I do a lot of this by looks now. I would have never thought this possible years ago. Yet, it seems to be another one of those side blessings from the #ChronicWarrior walk our #ChronicConfidence at a hard fought price
I use the chicken bouillon cubes it just works well for me.
I am lactose intolerant I can pay the price and begin to have my bowels move but it is a cruel pay off. Coconut imilk and oil is a healthy fat.
I have found that the whole flax seed is better for holding its flavor and I grind it as needed
I add the flax to both smoothies and soups it goes well with avocados in smoothies.
I use the vitamixer to fix this frozen leek paste to be pulled & used in recipes as I choose. In small amounts it adds taste . Honestly it is not always something I can do, but I need to have a lil of taste every now and again.
I chose to use sweet potatoes & white potatoes together in this recipe. It is entirely up to you what you choose to do in your recipe. I cook them in the microwave while I am prepping my other ingredients.

In the Blender — I use a Vitamixer I begin on low gradually turning the dial up to 10. Once I bring the mixture up to 10 and see the ingredients are all mixing well, we do not need to use the tamper to aid the blending? Turn the setting to high for approximately 4-5 minutes until you see puffs of steam coming out of the top of the lid.

I take the soup out and immediately do the cleanup recommended by the Vitamixers instruction booklet it makes things easier.the soup is very hot coming out off the blender and it allows for cooling time.

All of the ingredients and spices are hopefully a guide for you to be inspired to create your own GP/Motility nutrition. we want #HappyBlenders having the best experience possible. There are days in which all I can do is sip on my premier protein drink.

Then there are other days when I get my lil bit of energy = spoons together... I then venture out to make a recipe of something a lil more exciting:-)

I will be honest I had to grab a photo off of Images because I was exhausted when I finished. I forgot to snap this last pic. I do not have any green herbs to top my soup or I might, but I do not have the energy to do the finishing touches. So, I do not care for lies... so I will be clear on the ending. The soup looks exactly like that soup!

Much love and comfort as always In Victory for #Cures #CureGP

#TakeABite4GP our empathetic Worldwide Campaign

If I could take a bite of anything I wanted? It would be pastas and pizzas🍝🍕 #TakeABite4GP

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