Carter's Museum of Physics "Our Job is to Inspire"

"We'll show you why science is cool"

Having a dull weekend or break don't worry bring your kids to see why science is cool!

Take a whirl with Acceleration:See our speed and friction attraction (see how fast you can go)including activities weekly to inspire the love of science within.

See Why Physics is cooler than you think

Physics of Today discovers the way atoms affect movement you see(including a screen that show atoms move)also available are weekly atom building challenges(contestants build an atom of a different substance like iron,gold,and copper).

Did you know that Speed and Acceleration are two different things? Unlike most people believe Speed is the speed you are going and Acceleration is the measure of the faster you go over a certain distance.

Our Tesla Who? exibit shows the life of Nicola Tesla inventor of the Tesla Coil.

Here are some fun facts about physics:like did you know earthquakes can cause tsunamis or that no one can hear you scream in space because sound waves don't have air to travel through.Did you know that lasers are more useful than you think they can be used to cut metal, preform surgery, fix eyesight, read your CD's,and much more.Also lights and sparks interferes with radio waves something you can try at home is turning on a radio then turning on a light the radio will go to static for a second.

discover new ways to look at your world
Created By
Carter Peery


Created with images by qimono - "water drop liquid" • WikiImages - "sun fireball solar flare" • Unsplash - "star trails night long exposure" • shurik - "nuclear atom bomb" • WikiImages - "galaxy barred spiral galaxy eridanus constellation"

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