nike football vapor untouchable uniforms Iconic. Tenacious. Horned.

This is the story of the 2019 TCU Nike Football Vapor Untouchable uniforms

We come from humble beginnings.

An identity born from the American heartland. From these fields, the modern origin of this football program emerged.

Gary Patterson has long understood what it takes to succeed. Hardworking and overlooked, his upbringing endowed him with a simple creed. Don't Back Down.

The saying goes, to whom much is given, much is expected. But what about to whom nothing is given? To those of us born with a chip on our shoulder? Even more.

Without that chip, there's no Coach P.

There's no LT.

There's no Rose Bowl or "Comeback".

Without that chip on our shoulder, there's no TCU.

It's woven into our fabric.


Too small? Work harder.

Overlooked? Shine Brighter.

Want something? Earn it.

Think you're out of the fight? Don't Back Down.

And when you've earned that chip on your shoulder, you are ready... to don the armor of the Horned Frogs.

Iconic. Tenacious. Horned. These inherent set of horns are as intimidating as it is useful. The horns of a Horned Frog are extremely effective at deterring predators and emphasize a strong defense. Bringing that to the field is both iconic and uniquely TCU.

Many outstanding athletes have worn these numbers for TCU, however, should you don this jersey, you have been chosen to realize the greatness that this number represents.

FINDING PAYDIRT: HI-Vis numbers encased in a double kiss cut represent Opportunity. The black horizon stripe represents the landscape of the players and the white piping tucked under represents the paydirt beneath the surface.

Setting The Tone. As a reminder of the tone and legacy that Coach P has established along with his love of music, the neck patch is in the shape and texture of a guitar pick.

LT was Coach P's kind of player: Overlooked, Hungry & Hardworking. The new uniforms give a nod to the first uniforms of the Patterson era that LT helped make iconic, with the geometric shapes around the collar.

UNIQUE TO EACH LOCATION: Each jersey has a different neck embroidery

With the 2019 Nike Vapor Untouchable uniform, the Horned Frogs have plenty of battle armor to choose from on game day.

Next Stop: August 31 in The Carter

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