(Week 8) w/c 1st May 2017 Reflective Journal by Dziliana Vorobjova

Monday - Wednesday

Despite the bank holiday, I worked on the second character's concept design. At the moment, it is not fully finished as I have been focusing on my other work. As mentioned before, I decided to use one of the hairstyle concepts from Maria on Kyoko as it looked youthful and regal. Kyoko comes from a rich family, so my partner and I imagined Kyoko to look more posh and fancy unlike Maria. She wears a long 'baggy' dress with frills and ruffles. It stays slim so that it doesn't look 'too much'. The dress is suited with classic 'mary-jane' shoes and kneesocks.

Our original plan was to make the child look more combat ready, wearing androgynous clothes, however, because Kyoko comes from a family with higher status, I gave her a dress which makes her look more girly and vulnerable.


On Thursday, my goal was to finish Maria's base animations - idle, run and jump. I was worried at first because I thought I wouldn't have enough time, however, I managed to finish them in time. Doing the running cycle animation was time-consuming but quite easy, especially when I had the reference with me. I decided I would use one of the frames from the running cycle as a jumping animation to use less time and start working on the level designs. Before, I noticed that my time management wasn't great as I kept focusing on the details and perfecting my art. My partner told me to focus less on the details and try to finish all the base in game art, and then if we have time left, I can add in all the details. Now, I'm trying to take his advice and really try to be more productive.

Some frames may look weird in between, however, when in action, they aren't noticeable.


Friday was the day that I decided to focus (finally) on the level designs. The first level is going to be a 'mansion' where Maria completes her mission, which is to eliminate the couple. It is going to take place during the night (as seen in the images) so that Maria can kill her targets in their sleep, however, the player will be required to get around security guards. The house will be a traditional Japanese (Zen) house with a Zen Garden in a suburbia, hence why for the background, I added trees in the distance.

I experimented a lot with the colours and settings to get the desired colours. I am very satisfied with how it came out.
To take less time on the background, I copied and pasted the trees, clouds and stars. It won't be as noticeable during the final outcome as there will be a house in the front.

I wanted to add an animation to the background where the stars would twinkle a little bit so that the level is more lively, but my partner said it could mess with the player's eyes and I maybe will be able to add them by the end when we do our final editing of the game.

During the weekends, I am planning to start on working the middleground and tilesets for the level. If I am right, I should be ready by next week to start working on the second level to finish everything in time.


Created with images by Brady Withers - "Notes"

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