Juan Ponce DE Leon 1460-1521

By:Megan Karim

Country of Origin and Dates for Exploration

Juan Ponce DE Leon was born in Santervas DE Campos, Spain. Ponce DE Leon Exploration date is 1493 when he went with Columbus on his 2nd voyage and in 1513 when he made all of his accomplishments.

Reason for Exploration

One reason for Ponce de Leon's exploration was to find the Fountain of youth, Though it may not be real.
The other reason for Juan Ponce de Leon's exploration was to also find the island of Bimini.


Juan Ponce de Leon had many accomplishments. These are the three accomplishments he had. He discovered Florida, yet he does not get much credit. Another discovery that Juan Ponce de Leon made was that he discovered many islands that make up the Bahamas, but we don't know witch ones. The final accomplishments was that he discovered the Gulf Stream. The Gulf stream is a warm current in the western North Atlantic Ocean. It moves North along the coast of Florida then turns towards East towards to the North of California flowing Northeast across the Atlantic. He made all of these discoveries by making many wrong turns.


Though Juan Ponce de Leon made many discoveries they still had obstacles. His obstacles were the La and Carib Native Americans. They fought because the Natives Americans felt harm.

Fun Fact

Did you know that Juan Ponce de Leon was the first governor of Puerto Rico. He was in office in 1508-1509,1510-1511,1515-1519.

Juan Ponce de Leon's Route

This is Juan Ponce de Leon route of 1513.

ponce DE Leon character traits

Juan Ponce de Leon was a very adventurous man and risk taking person, because one he went on 2 voyages,[ first he went in 1493 on the Columbus 2 voyage and the second he went by him self in 1513 to look for the Fountain of Youth and to find the Island of Bimini.] and two he had to face Native Americans more then once. Also he went on a voyage and left his wife and four children on a risk to die from the Native Americans because they thought people were there to harm them, but not all were there to harm them. Also the Native Americans didn't want them to take there land so they would fight them or kill them right away. Juan Ponce de Leon, I think, had a very kind heart because he never actually hurt the Native Americans on purpose, though he did do it to defend him self. He also seems like he was determined. He was determined to find the Fountain of Youth and the Island of Bimini though he didn't.

Juan Ponce DE Leon's explorations from the perspective of a shipmate

I was there for both of the young Juan Ponce de Leon's two voyages. When he went with Christopher Columbus, I was super surprised, but a lot of people know what it was like on that voyages to to be a shipmate on that and a lot of people don't really know what it was like to be a shipmate on Juan's second voyages. He was giving orders, this and that and knew what he was doing. When we saw land crazy happened. More and more orders, getting this and that ready and finding them, and a lot more. The more we discovered something the crazier it got. The worst thing about the voyages was the Native Americans how would fight us but Juan would try to protect us. I could not ask for a better captain.


This is a rare thing to find. This is Juan Ponce de Leon real signature. They found his signature by finding his journal entrees and diaries that had his signature in them.


The first photo is the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista, San Juan, Puerto Rico where he was b. The second photo is Cuba's flag because he died in Cuba. Then the third photo is him, Juan Ponce de Leon.

Juan Ponce de Leon died in July 1521 in Havana,Cuba. He had a short life and Died at the age of 47.

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