Greg Rector Escape to the Backcountry

Greg Rector

We sat down with Greg Rector and quickly learned that he is a person that truly abides the mantra, Live for the Outdoors. While most guys at his age may be thinking of slowing down, clearly Greg is only getting started. At 47 he's an extreme backcountry snowmobiler, avid mountain biker & outdoor enthusiast! Hailing from just outside 100 Mile House in the Cariboo region of British Columbia., where only the gnarly survive!

Follow his social media posts #choreduckin you will see the outdoor lifestyle he has embraced

We asked him when he decided to make the change from city life to one of the outdoors,. He shared with us that about 8 years ago he & his wife decided to give up the rat race of city life for good. They packed up and moved to a beautiful lake, to work a little and enjoy life to it's fullest.

A sign Greg is Stoked to See

Using his skills, and passion for the outdoor community, Greg has joined his local search and rescue team

Greg currently Holds a spot as Director of two Snowmobile Clubs in his Area

Served as President of a Mountain Bike Club
I gain a lot of friends and of course an immense amount of satisfaction by giving back to the sports and activities I love and I highly recommend everyone try it.

See you outdoors - Greg Rector

With Greg's dedication, tenacity and passion we see him climbing the ranks very quickly with us at Rocky Mountain America as part of our Road to Sponsorship program. We cannot wait to see what he does next in the backcountry!

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