The Era of Good Feelings researched By: alexis de tocqueville

Americans in the 1800s

What was it like to be an American in the early 1800s? In the 1800s Americans valued many things, from living in a independent country to being able to practice individualism. They also had many interesting ways they lived their lives such as being lazy, gracious, crude and rugged. They are also very quick to chase a dollar.

politics: I chose this photo of Henry Clay because he believe in capitalism and the American System

Politics in America is split in many different ideas from different people. Two important people involved in politics are, Henry Clay, and John Marshall. Henry Clay believes that capitalism is America's further, and the American System which is made up of a new national bank, taxes on imported goods, and the Federal spending on transportation projects. John Marshall wrote many important court decisions that strengthened federal power. These decisions federal power because he encouraged the growth of capitalism.

art: I chose this picture because of the detail in the painting and how realistic it is

Art in America has a unlimited range of various talent, from being unprofessional to being very detailed. Some different styles of art are, folk art, portraits. And some artist are, John James Audubon, George Catlin, and Hudson River School. Folk art is unprofessional and is very simple and direct. Portraits could be very professional if they are emotional and very detailed. Hudson River school mainly focuses on landscapes and the fine arts to bring colors alive. John James Audubon is a naturalist artist and focuses on paintings and drawings of animals. Lastly George Catlin's art work is of Native Americans and are very detailed.

music:I chose this picture because it resembles Classical Music

Music in America is usually played in church and has the inspiration of old songs. Some types of popular music in America are, Classical, spiritual, Minstrel and Patriotic. Classical music would be very elegant and would be played at a formal event. Spiritual music is usually song by African Americans or slaves while they work. Minstrel Music is a style of music very similar to spiritual, and it is very popular in the country. Lastly Patriotic Anthems is very popular, the best known song would be "America" by Samuel Francis Smith.

literature: I chose this picture because these books have important stories like the authors listed below

Literature is very popular in America, they have great authors such as Washington Irving, James Fenimore Cooper, Davy Crockett, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Washington Irving worked on literary fame and german folklore. One piece of work he published is "Rip Van Winkle". James Fenimore Cooper's main ideas in his work portrayed american Indians. one piece of his work would be "the pioneers". Thirdly Davy Crockett's work is very adventures and tells tales about his life. Lastly Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's work is very serious and has partiotic.

Counter Argument

On the other hand people might think that America in the 1800s is not the era of good feelings. Some ways that could be are, the war of 1812, and when the British tried to burn the White House down in 1814. Also bringing new territory to America. It was also hard to travel through the Appalachians to get from he east to the west. During the war of 1812 it was hard for lots of Americans to get the resourses they need to survive such like food. But someone who helped with that was Uncle Sam who is a butcher, he gave people meat during the war of 1812 to help Americans.


In conclusion Americans live a interesting life compare to great Britain and France. They are very talented and they know what they want. After one year of reashering I have learned how Americans perform music, create artwork, write literature, and how politics work here. Also how people can think that the 1800's is not the era of good feelings, but I disagree I think that American is a great place to visit and a great place to live.

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