Project 3-Designing for Manufacturing King Martin

The main idea of this project is to design products for a laser cutter, a cnc mill, and a 3D printer.

3D printing using SLA method printer called the Form 2

The form 2 is a SLA style printer which prints from the top down. It provides a higher accurate resolution compared to a MakerBot. Though higher accuracy does mean higher cost. The main constraint was mainly cost of material and detail of resolution which either give you a high quality part but too slow or a lower quality part but being able to mass produce.

VGC Logo

Universal laser cutter is the most precised machine out of the three. It can only cut in a 2D plane so mainly good for engraving, making plates, or a thin part. I had to use Solidworks to make a drawing, then convert it to an Edrawing to import it into Adobe Illustrator to change line colors, then export it as a AI file to import it into the software the Universal runs on.

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