Artic Fox by erin

Artic foxes live in Antarctica. In Antarctica it can be very cold, that is why most of the animals have fur. They sometimes eat young seals. And they have snow dens.

In winter they stay white so that they blend in with the snow. And when it turns to summer they turn brown.

They are found in Tundra, Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Russia and many other places.

Artic foxes have a great sense of smell so that they can detect their predator.

They can survive at temperatures lower than 58°.

Artic foxes have a very cheeky personalities, also they are very playful.

When their predator comes, they hide in their snow dens to keep them safe.


Created with images by tpsdave - "norway fox arctic" • echoroo - "Arctic Beauty" • Makuahine Pa'i Ki'i - "Washington DC--October 18 2007--Museum of Natural History--Artic Fox"

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