The Field Trippin'

Last December 10th, 2016, the General Academics Strand of the Ateneo Senior High School went to two tourist attractions located in Bulacan City. The students of the General Academics strand we're told to meet up in the High School Cafeteria at 5:30 in the morning. Each section was allotted a bus for their long trip going to Bulacan City. The two tourists spots that these students explored were The Divine Mercy Shrine and The Salikneta Farm. The purpose of this Field Trip was for the students to appreciate the agricultural life and the beauty of the Divine Mercy Shrine.

In the Divine Mercy Shrine, the students were given time to roam around the vicinity of the Church alongside their tour guide. After that, they went to the Salikneta Farm, and were able to perform the jobs of the people there.

General Academics

In the GA strand, many are generalised as stupid, lazy and incompetent students. Along the 4 strands namely ABM, STEM and HUMMS, the GA strand is stereotyped as the strand with the lowest I.Q. where all the wait listed students from the A-SHAPE are placed. They are also stereotyped as the students who are influenced with all the bad habits such as vices like smoking, drugs, alcohol, etc. However, the GA strand contains all the student-athletes who are very competent in balancing both academic and their passion for their specific sport. To add, the regular students are given great opportunities because they are given the freedom to experience learning all of the available subjects that K-12 program offers.

The Retreat

The class of 11- De Brito had their retreat on October 21 to October 22 in Angono, Rizal. The purpose of the retreat is for spiritual formation and to develop camaraderie within the class. This is because Ateneo aims to develops and deepen the ignation spirituality of the students of 11- De Brito.

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