Break Your Rut (Open Recruitment) A six-module, action-oriented, group coaching program designed to increase your personal and professional success

What is the program?

An action-oriented, fast-paced, facilitated group coaching program, designed for ambitious mid-career professionals. The program is led by an experienced coach and facilitator, and includes plenty of opportunity for peer learning. Groups are capped at 6 participants to ensure time for rich discussion and individual attention.

Do you regularly promise yourself that this year / month / project will be "better", but continue to find yourself frustrated? Are you often bored? Mad at yourself? Falling into unproductive habits?

Are you seeking a new opportunity, determined not to repeat old mistakes, but unsure how to break the pattern? Are you struggling to rebrand in place as you progress in your career?

If you're determined that you will make a difference in your professional life, this is a great opportunity to take responsibility for your own success. We maintain an ongoing list of interested participants so we can let you know as slots become available.


We begin with reflection (looking back), move into analysis (the now), get pragmatic (the tools), and move into a plan (looking forward). This is not therapy and it's not an extended venting session. This is about understanding yourself and building an actionable, accountable plan. We consider strategies to make space for change and the tools you'll need to implement it.

6 sessions, building on one another for strategic outcomes, described by BYR graduates

Exercises for preparation and reflection are provided between sessions. Ongoing coaching support and peer interaction are provided through a closed Google group accessed via our website.

This course is designed as facilitated peer mentoring. The coach provides exercises, resources, feedback, and guidance. She helps the group to maintain focus and momentum, ensuring a purposeful discussion towards established goals.

Participants also share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of the group. You'll bring not only your challenges but also your learned skills, innate talents, and compassionate perceptions.

Where and when?

WeWork Apollo; 810 7th St NE, Washington, DC 20002

Off-site coaching outside the work day allows for discretion and focus. Sessions are every two weeks, either am (starting at 7:30) or pm ( starting at 5:30). Session 1 is 2 hours long, giving the group a chance to build relationships and learn about each other. Sessions 2-6 are 90 minutes long - one hour of focussed work, bookended with 15 minutes either side for networking, reflection, and questions.

Bonus content

Understand your motivators

In your efforts to improve your professional and personal satisfaction, it's one thing to understand what your behaviors are, but another to understand the why. Participants can add on to their coaching experience the Predictive Index (PI) tool - including the assessment, a group training session, and a one-to-one call to learn more about your results.

The PI group training session is timed between sessions 2 and 3 to provide insights that can be used for further work. Please note: there is an additional charge for the PI component.

The PI is a science-based tool that gives insight to our motivators - what drives our behavior. Understanding these drives gives clarity to why some tasks are energizing and others depleting. That understanding, in turn, allows improvement.

While the PI will provide additional materials (as will any self-understanding tool you may have previously completed, such as Myers-Briggs, StrengthFinders, or DiSC), the coaching course materials will also stand alone.

Your coach is a certified PI Analyst and PI Ambassador who regularly uses, presents and trains with the PI assessment tool, in partnership with full-time PI Consultants.

Who should participate?

The program is designed for professionals with at least 8 years experience (not in your first professional position, and in a role with some authority/autonomy). You should be driven to take ownership of your personal and professional success - striving for a satisfying career and willing to put in the work it will take to get there.

Each group has a minimum of 4 participants and is capped at 6.

Coach qualifications

The facilitator, Joanna Hoffschneider, is a 20+ year marketing and business development professional with a background in teaching and training, a passion for professional development, and broad experience in coaching and facilitation. She works one-on-one as a coach, facilitates peer mentor groups and retreats, and speaks regularly on professional development and leadership issues.

Your Coach

"I believe we contemplate change over an extended period, but the work of active change is usually concise. Indeed, a sense of urgency is key to making change happen! This program will help get you over the change hump - moving past frustration, to understanding and action."

Drawing on her experience facilitating peer mentoring groups, Joanna has designed the three-month/six-session “Break Your Rut” program, targeting mid-career professionals who need to refresh their focus and career direction. Her professional experience can be viewed in detail here.


Coaching program

The six-session (ten hour) coaching program, including between-session feedback and support, all materials, hosted venue, and refreshments is priced at $900/participant. Early registration pricing of $750/participant is offered until two weeks before each session begins.

Optional PI Assessment

The PI tool, including assessment, group training session, one-to-one readback call, and all materials is priced at $200/participant. This is reduced to $150 for early bird registration.

Terms and Conditions

A $250 deposit is payable upon registration, with the balance due upon confirmation of your place.

What next? Ask Joanna

Q: I'm interested! When is it happening?

A: We plan to start the next open enrollment session of BYR in mid-September.

Q: This is a big time commitment at a tricky time of day - how do I make that work?

You're right. This is a significant time commitment, but it's a significant exercise to undertake and may require concessions at work and/or at home to make it work.

Can you ask for a flex schedule at work for these six days? Either disclosing what you're doing if that's appropriate, or simply stating that you are taking on a personal development/training course of some type. Presentation training is usually a neutral topic!

Are you asking for comp time, using vacation, or simply letting people know you'll be in late as a courtesy. These are all slightly different positions. Let me know if you would like to chat this through.

Q: I don't want my boss to know I'm doing this. How do you handle that?

A: I will never disclose that we have a coaching relationship, unless you give me explicit permission to do so. The schedule for the program is designed to be before/after standard working hours, and confidentiality is addressed in the first session. Effective coaching takes trust - confidentiality is part of that.

To learn more and get your own questions answered, please contact me directly at Joanna@ResoluteConsulting.co or 301 873 9481.

Are YOU Ready?


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