6-12 Teacher Talk November 2019

Teacher Tip: Curate the good and don't hoard the bad.

"Effective teachers don't spend the scarce seconds of our days ruminating about past wrongs and rambling about current frustrations. Speak up against injustice, but focus most energy on teaching and learning, and treasure moments of wonder and laughter."

Test prep materials

SAT- 36 lesson plans created by the College Board to address the rigor and skills for math and evidence-based reading and writing.

IL Digital Item Library- Released items from past tests, organized by standard, evidence statement, question type, and grade level.

New Meridian Resource Center- Another compilation of released items including paired text sets and questions, genre specific writing, and math concepts by course (geometry, algebra, etc).


  • Vocabulary Strategies for Standards RL.4 and RI.4 for Grades 6-12
  • Wanting to expand background knowledge or use a paired text? Researching for an expository prompt? Click to view 15 Awesome Article Sites for Students.
  • Improve Reading Comprehension: Use Google Docs and a black out technique to identify key points and create a summary. Read more here.
  • AdLit (Adolescent Literacy) has several resources including this one on reading strategies and graphic organizers
"Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them" ~Lady Bird Johnson


"Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the United States, impacting an estimated one in eight children. Left untreated, childhood anxiety can result in poor school performance, poor social functioning, and even substance abuse."

What could anxiety look like?

  • Difficulty focusing
  • Fear of school
  • Headaches, stomachaches, or other illnesses
  • Feeling restless
  • No room for error
  • Frequent crying
  • Sense of worthlessness
  • Tense and nervous
  • Feels guilty
  • Worries often and ruminates on issues

What are some suggestions for helping a student experiencing anxiety?

  • Encourage relaxation procedures (cool-down)
  • Extra time and warnings before transitions/bells
  • Help the student recognize anxious talking and thinking
  • Give private praiser
  • Frequent check-ins for understanding
  • Not requiring oral presentations, reading aloud, or work in front of the classroom (alternative- audio or video recording)
  • Extended time on assessments
  • Teach problem-solving approaches
  • Role playing to model good coping mechanisms
  • Reach out to your school counselor for more interventions or support

Resources graciously provided by Tim Morford, HHS School Counselor


Be the Best Educator You Set Out to Be (Part Two)...Be a connected educator. We live in an age where we have access to knowledge far beyond our own. Tap into it! ~Steven W. Anderson www.web20classroom.org


State Librarian, Jesse White and Illinois State Library have partnered with vendors to offer Try-It! Illinois. This program allows educators a chance to try instructional programs for free from October 1st to November 30th. Vendors include Scholastic, EBSCO, GeoScience World, and more. To try these programs follow this link. Username: tryitnow! Password: 4u@nocost.


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