Let's Talk About Abortion We need to have a much broader conversation on what the morality of pro life really is.

Each of us have a certain idea of the path we want to follow, but we never stop to think that something can come through our “planned out” agenda. Something that can turn our world into an emotional and mental chaos.

An unplanned pregnancy is one of the many surprises we can experience in our life.

Image: Novosti (2017) Porasla stopa neplodnosti: Sve više žena u Evropi ne može da ima potomstvo

I used to think I would never have one myself because it was morally wrong.

After doing research in the topic I learned that I was supporting the idea of pro-birth or pro fetus; not pro life. Now, I would consider having an abortion if I am ever in a situation where I need to make that decision. We need to have a much broader conversation on what the morality of pro life really is.

Tom Roberts (2015) Joan Chittister from certainty to Faith

IT'S time to start asking ourselves, what is the quality of life the fetus is going to have after its BORN?


Toniesha L. Taylor (2016) Meme Inigo Montoya

Being against abortion is being pro birth not pro life.

Opponents of abortion argue that fetuses are persons since the moment of contraception (Berg, 2016). Most people against abortion argue that it is morally wrong to have an abortion but their arguments are based in their personal beliefs and values.

I was one of many people that believed that abortion should not be an option under any circumstance.

Image: CNN (2017)A new Arkansas law allows husbands to sue wives to stop abortion - even in rape cases

I only cared about a child to be born but did not take in consideration the life after the baby is born.

Some women get pregnant under unfavorable circumstances and can not give a good quality of life to their baby.


Unknown author (2017) Abortion: Pro Life, Pro Choice

If a woman goes through an event that leaves a psychological trauma, such as a physical violation, she would feel that having the baby under that circumstance would be the worst decision. The baby would not grow in the most favorable environment knowing he was product of rape. If a woman decided to not have the baby, she should have the option to have legal and safe abortion.

2. Baby with serious deformity, mental deficiency or genetic abnormality

Image: Europa Press (2016) La bronquiolitis, la causa más frecuente de hospitalización de bebés, El nacional

Babies born with deformities, mental deficiencies, or genetic abnormalities can have a normal life as any other human, but it requires special attention.

There are cases where women can be mentally or physically in danger during or after the pregnancy.

Image: Unknown author (2016) L’Istituto Clinico Città di Brescia


Image: The Daily Illini Editorial Board (2017) Students can do more to prevent sexual assault, The daily Illini

I believe that being a parent should be planned and prepared, but we still have cases of “oops, I dropped the lemon tart”. In our society it is very common to not have a monogamous relationship, especially in college. No matter what contraceptive method you use something can go wrong, nothing is 100% effective and you can be in a situation where abortion would be the best for you and the fetus. This is a debatable argument because people should be responsible, morally and ethically speaking; if they decided to have sex they should confront the responsibility this decision comes with.

We need to stop thinking that abortion is murder and that it is morally wrong.

Image: Unknown Author ( 2017) Meme: Do you remember

What it really matters is the quality of life the human being is going to have after is born.

Image: Paulger Hards (2017) When This Is, That Is Exploring the world of conditionality
Image: Unknown author (2016) The Art of Politics: American Political Cartoons at the Henry Zarrow Center for Art and Education

Some states have laws that argue they are “pro-life laws” against abortion. These only causes women to find illegal options to have an abortion, going through illegal procedures can put the life of women in higher risk.

Image: Julia Tobin (2017) Pro life Reality Check

My argument is that women, no matter the situation, should have the option of having legal and safe abortions. They should have the option to decide over their body, their life and the quality of life they can give to the fetus.

REBECCA EISENBERG (2013) Why Being Pro-Choice Is One Of The Best Ways To Be Pro-Life

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