Electromagnetic Specturm Ethan Mcclellan


  • Gamma ray -Less than 0.01 nm more than 10 EHz 100 kev - 300+ GeV
  • X - ray- 0.01 - 10 nm 30 EHz - 30 PHz 120 eV - 120 keV
  • ultraviolet- 10 nm - 400 nm 30 PHz - 790 THz 3 eV - 124 eV
  • Visible- 390 nm - 750 nm 790 THz - 405 THz 1.7 eV - 3.3 eV
  • Infrared- 750 nm - 1 mm 405 THz - 300 GHz 1.24 meV -1.7 eV
  • Microwave- 1 mm - 1 meter 300 GHz - 300 MHz 1.24 μμ eV - 1.24 meV
  • Radio- 1 mm - km 300 GHz - 3 Hz 12.4 feV - 1.24 meV

Wavelength and Frequency

The longer the Wavelength the shorter the Frequency or the shorter the wavelength the smaller the Frequency.The equation that relates wavelength and frequency for electromagnetic waves is, λν=c where λ is the wavelength, ν is the frequency and c is the speed of light.

Radio Waves Your radio captures radio waves emitted by radio stations, bringing your favorite tunes. Radio waves are also emitted by stars and gases in space.

Mirco Waves Microwave radiation will cook your popcorn in just a few minutes, but is also used by astronomers to learn about the structure of nearby galaxies

Infrared rays Night vision goggles pick up the infrared light emitted by our skin and objects with heat. In space, infrared light helps us map the dust between stars.

Visible Light Our eyes detect visible light. Fireflies, light bulbs, and stars all emit visible light.

Ultraviolet Rays Ultraviolet radiation is emitted by the Sun and are the reason skin tans and burns. "Hot" objects in space emit UV radiation as well.

X-Rays A dentist uses X-rays to image your teeth, and airport security uses them to see through your bag. Hot gases in the Universe also emit X-rays.

Grammy-Rays Doctors use gamma-ray imaging to see inside your body. The biggest gamma-ray generator of all is the Universe.


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