The French Colony Indo-China

The French wanted Vietnam to be their capital of their Asian Empire.

Where did France colonize? A: French Indo-China

How did they accomplish this colonization? A: The French invaded Vietnam and forced the Vietnamese Emperor to accept an arrangement of them taking over because they accomplished colonization by trade. After Vietnam had independence French tried to gain back control in 1954. It ended up with forcing the French from the country in 1954.

When did colonization end? A: 1945

What influence of colonization can be seen or found in France (indo China) today? Note: This can include food, languages, the culture, customs, architecture, industry, and so on) A:1.France bought Christianity to Vietnam and today 6% of the Vietnamese population is Roman Catholic.2. Alexandre de Rhondes-French missionary-introduced Latin Script which is there today. 3. Vietnamese vocabulary has a french influence. 4. France- coffee is widely enjoyed-Vietnam became the largest coffee producer in the world in 2012-bid part of economy. 5. French desserts are available. 6. Vietnamese people adapted the French cuisine to their own needs( Example- French- fresh baguettes filled with salami and cheese, but in Vietnam they are filled with grilled meat and herbs. 7. In Vietnam there is French architecture.



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