A small home in Bangkok Baan dinso.com

Baan Dinso, founded in September, 2006.

113 Trok sin, Dinso Road, Pranakorn., Bangkok 10110 Call (66)6220560, (66)965659795 www.baandinso.com GPS : 13.755233, 100.501167

The small home in Bangkok : a homely hostel, was established in the local community called Trok Sin which translate as the ‘Art District’ of Bangkok city. It is one amongst other few districts where infrastructures are being officially preserved by City Hall. Our community is surrounded with approximately 70 residential housings, which date back 80 to 100 years of age. The infrastructures of each house share the similar Colonial architecture style, a mixture of Western and Thai masonry. Visitors come to the hostel by walking through a small Soi, a Thai word for small pedestrian road built for housing areas. As they enter their eyes are met with small local shops, children running about in the neighborhood, kind neighbor feeding flock of stray cats and stalls of food strolling night and day. This is the local Thai lifestyle that guests of Baan Dinso imbued.

Initially, we were deeply inspired to revive this antique house and the concept of transforming it in to a hostel sparked us. We were keen to make sure that the originality and harmony of this unique craft is sustained. Thus, our concept of quality, service and efficiency were carefully infused in our vision statement.

Meeting customer’s satisfaction is our number one priority. Ease of arrival, comfort of stay, happiness, safety and especially cleanliness are what we seek to deliver. There are many minor points of interests that cannot be neglect and we continually strive to improve on these point.

This is us ! “To exceed the expectation of service quality and create a harmonious environment of the hostel for everyone"

Please come by and have a look. We located on Dinso Road, the historical area of Bangkok. The address 113 Trok sin, Dinso Road, Pranakorn., Bangkok 10110. Taking a 50 meters (approx 5 minutes) walk from Democracy Monument, Ratchadamnoen Street. Please find "Trok Sin" the small alley from Dinso Road. We are 50 meters in the Trok Sin. Call (66)6220560, (66)965659795 www.baandinso.com GPS : 13.755233, 100.501167

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