Michel Fort @harry_bosch

Michel Fort lives in a small town in the South of France.

He is a Biologist by training but since he has discovered computer science and more specifically programming, he dedicated himself to this one. He works at a hospital. “I have been living in this small town for a long time and since I have photographed its streets I feel like I have rediscovered it. There are no great spaces, beautiful outlooks, beautiful public gardens, permanent entertainment, nights full of characters ... everything that is generally the favorite playground of street photographers. The streets are narrow and dark, most of the time deserted, public places rare, the rare cafes little frequented. Here one lives hidden behind their windows and heavy doors. The countryside is very beautiful, but I do not know how to photograph nature. On the other hand there is the light of the South, soft, tender or sharp as a scalpel when the wind blows, and it is enough for me to make of my images what I think is the melancholy vision of a city that falls asleep.”


How did you get started with photography?

I have always loved photography but discovered mobile photography during the long moments spent in front of computer screens. Often to wait or to escape a little, I watched scrolling images on sites like Flickr, until one day I came across the photos of Stéphane Arnaud (@frommywindows on IG). Immediate thunder.

An extraordinary eye, a very particular style not sacrificing to fashions. I loved his poetic and realistic universe at the same time. And its beautiful black and whites full of sensitivity.

Being able to realize such images with just a smartphone amazed me.

I bought my first iPhone (5s) and immediately downloaded Hipstamatic.

You know the rest.


What does photography mean to you?

To me it is a miracle every time renewed, especially with a mobile! Over time it quickly became a game then quickly an addiction. But it is also and above all the power to freeze Time, transmitting an atmosphere, an emotion of things that no longer exist. My territory is very small, a few streets only, but by dint of observing, one has to go to the obvious, something always happens there. A reflection, a special light, an unusual scene, a shadow ... all these little things that we do not see anymore and that make our daily life. To share the magic and the poetry of the streets, this is what photography represents to me.


Will you share a street story with us?

I have no particular story to tell. Each photo has its own history but all have in common to have been suggested only by the chance of encounters or situations. I have no particular method or organization. Other than the one of always having the device with me keeping an eye open. I destroy them enormously and keep only those that speak to me without taking into account neither the opinions nor the fashions in force.


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