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Conspiracy Nation is a conspiracy theory group run by 5 students at Clemson University. The goal of this group is to expose and shed light to the conspiracy theories in this Country and in our local area. We have a focus on Freemasonry and how it shows up in our society. Throughout this series of podcasts we will talk about how Freemasonry is seen in society today.

Freemasonry-What is it?

A Freemason is a man who is a member of the fraternity of Freemasonry. This is the oldest known fraternity in the world and its origin has been lost in time. Experts say they arose somewhere during the 1400's but there is no exact date. There are 3 levels in this fraternity called Enter Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason. Like a Stonemason or Blacksmith in ancient times, Freemasonry has levels that range from unexperienced to most experienced. This secret group of men work towards one greater goal, a one world society and the extinction of all religion. Why is this prevalent in today's world? Well it's believed that many of the world's leaders are apart of this elite fraternity. All working towards their own "greater good". In these podcasts we will talk about Freemasonry on the National, State, and local levels


  • What is Freemasonry?
  • Where do we see it in our society?
  • How do we see it in our society?
  • How does it affect us?
  • Is it something to worry about?
  • What evidence leads people to believe this?
  • What symbols represent Freemasonry and where do we see them

Stay tuned and listen to our podcasts if you would like to know all of this information and more!



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