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The city of London is the 26th largest metropolis. The city of London contains 13,657,228 million in inhabitants 2015 who are called Londrians: 71% are white, 12% are Indian, 11% are black, 1.5% are Chinese and 5% are other races. The metropolitan population of london is 8.63 million in 2015 and the percentage of london is 12%. In the city of London there are 48.4% who are male and 51.6% are women. The population density is 5,354 inhabitants / km2. Life expectancy is between 71 and 88 years in the average. London is the 27th largest city in the world. The culture of London is English. Most people speak English. The temperature is played between 0°C until 25°C.

Interesting things to see

1- British Museum: The museum a been founded in 1753 and opens in 1759. It is the oldest museum. It is a museum of the cultural history of the world. There is of objects of Africa, of Asia, of America, of Europe and the Pacific. They have more than 7 million of object. Among those, there is most important.
The interior the British Museum: There is many offices and computers. At the bottom there is a wall full of books.
The Cruise: A little tour of boat allows to visit the city. We can watch the buildings of the city. Is not expensive and it's a beautiful activities to do in family. There is various typesthe cruise in London.
Hyde parks: It is part of the 8 royals parks of London. The visit is free and we can go enter 5 hours and midnight for the whole year. The parks privileges to the tourists of see the beautifuls landscapes.
Hydes parks
Interesting activities
The show: In London, there is many show beautiful and for all tastes. There is regulary the show in this city. MORE the show is FREE!!! It's worth going there!
Picnic in the parks: What better what to eat one beautiful meal in the wild with the family and the firends in the beautiful parks.

Coca-cola London Eyes: An activity in 30 minutes. It is the bigger wheel in the world.

Satefy tips or others

1- Only use taxi or registered minicabs

2- Make sure you keep your property out of sight and safety under the table.

3- Try to avoid walking done at night.


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