Studio Lighting BY: alexis holbrook jose gallinar and cj hernandez

A bag of used to hold down the stands.
A mounting point on the top of a camera to attach a flash unit and other compatible accessories.
When your flash is connected to the camera, it helps to save automatically.
A radio triggering system for off camera lighting. Usually mounted on the cameras hot shoe.
Attaches to a light stand and has a bracket for an umbrella reflector, plus another for the light that shines into the umbrella.
Accepts filters or gels that change the color of the light.
Hold a lamp reflector or the equipment in place.
Piece of cardboard or other material used to bounce light into shadowy areas.
A pair of black panels that mount on the front of the light source.
Used with the light to produce a wide, relatively diffused light
Completely incloses one or more lamps and produces a soft, even light.
Have a tungsten filament, like a household bulb, but produce more light than a conventional bulb of the same wattage

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