Poseidon God of the Sea by Kenna Clodfelder

Poseidon's parents were mighty Titans named Cronus and Rhea. Cronus learned a prophesy shortly after their marriage. The prophesy was that one of his children would overthrow his rule. Cronus came up with a plan. As each one of his children were born he swallowed them whole, including Poseidon! One day as the sixth child was about to be born Rhea hid him on an island and gave Cronus a rock raped in a blanket. He swallowed up the rock. The boy on the island grew up to be Zeus the King of the gods. Zeus wanted to free his brothers and sisters. He married a woman named Metis. Metis helped Zeus free his brothers and sisters. She gave Cronus a potion saying it would make him stronger, but it made him through up all of the children all in one piece. They all had to deal with their father now. They finally defeated their father with some help from Mother Nature. She told Zeus to free her children, the Cyclops and the Hecatoncheires, from Tartarus. (a prison in the underworld) After the battle was over Poseidon fell in love with a beautiful sea nereid named Aphrodite. She did not love him back that for sure! So, Poseidon sent Delphin to bring her to him. They got married and had three children. The most famous child was Triton. He trumpets in a conch shell and rides sea monsters.

Allusions of Four Greek Myths: Achilles Heel, Herculean Tasks, Opening Pandora's Box, and Midas Touch. Achilles Heel means a weak spot. For example "Basketball is my Achilles Heel. I'm so bad at it!" Herculean Tasks are things that take effort of strength to complete. Opening Pandora's Box means for something to turn out badly. Midas Touch means to be lucky or to do well.

Character Traits of the Gods and Goddesses: Cronus, Rhea, Poseidon, Metis, and Zeus. Cronus is fast thinking, evil, and is worried. Rhea is smart, kind, and is a save yer. Poseidon's character traits are moody and ungrateful. Metis is smart, kind, and tricky. Zeus is brave, powerful, and strong.

Character Traits the Characters have in Common: Rhea and Metis are both smart. I believe this because Metis freed Poseidon and his brothers and sisters. Rhea hid Zeus on an island so he would not be eaten.

Thing I Loved about the Myths: In the other version of Poseidon Rhea does not hide Zeus on an island or give Cronus a stone rapped in a blanket but, the story does not have violence in valved and that is good for young children like me.

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