ABC's By: zach allen

Africa- almost 40% of adults are illiterate. 50% Africans are under the age of 25.

Bananas- the Africans grow a lot of them. Very good source of vitamin B6.

Congo River- the main transportation source. Most powerful River in Africa.

Delta- empty's into land, Causes sediment solid material.

Ethnolinguistics- Studies the relation between language. Combination between ethnology and linguists.

Farming- Africans do this a lot to provide their food. They have to grow for there village

Great Rift Valley- Forms where the Earth crust is. Narrow and steep bumps.

H.I.V.- Over 25 miilion are H.I.V. positive. 91% H.I.V

Indian Ocean- Third largest Ocean, 28,350,000 sq mi. Connected with the Pacific Ocean

Joy- Free time is alwasy pending. There is also a lot of work to be done.

Kill- Africans kill a lot if they are espically in war. Nobody usually doesn't come out and start killing.

Lake Victoria- Africas largest lake, surface area of 26,600 sq mi. Is named after queen VIctoria of the Untied KIngdom.

Missionary- Are very helpful to African Americans. Aslo support a lot.

Nile River- Is the longest river in the world. This river splits in into two branches.

Oral tradition- preserve the past thorugh song and verse. This is to perform them into large audience.

Plantation- Africans grow a lot of food. They have to provide for the household and family.

Qudoba- Many Africains wish this was here. It would provide them with a lot of food.

Red Sea- movement of plates on earth's surface. Consits about 200 coral types.

Sahara Desert- Located on North Africa and covering almost 11 countries. Is the largest hot desert.

Trading- rather be peace makers than warriors. At first Africa was all based on trading.

Umbrella Bird- They are rare tropical birds. They are also distinguished by the inflatable wattles.

Vampire Bats- live in colonies in mostly dark places. They range in Central or South America.

Water Buffalo- largest member of the Bovini tribe. Stands 5-6.2 ft.

X-ray tetra- small pieces of schooling fish. Also known as the Golden Priscilla Tetra.

Yams- Good source of energy. Low glycemic index.

Zebra- stripes are more unique as finger prints. The stripes make it harder for predators to see them from a single animal running herd.


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