cup spoon pencil Jonathan Wang


Cup, Spoon, Pencil is a project where the student is required to make a film solely focused on a cup spoon and pencil.


Idea V1: My film will be an abstract film, with shots of the cup, spoon, and pencil interacting with water. There will probably be some kind of beat-focused, rhythmic, music, to sync the shots along with.

Idea V2: I decided to add some form of narrative. The film will now focus on alternating shots of a pencil writing on paper, a person drinking from a cup, and a spoon stirring in the cup. As music starts off slowly, it will eventually start speeding up, and as the music speeds up, the pace of the person writing will speed up.



Shot Schedule:

Weekend of the 26th, May: Shoot all shots, over 3 sessions

Week of 29th: Edit film

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