Stock market portfolio BY JAKOB

Stage 1: Paragraphs and investment

My initial research in the stock market: My initial investments where a bunch of stocks that I had picked myself which where either therapeutics or anything that was on the drop at that point but throughout the stocks that I picked I chose some pretty solid ones including Volkswagen and twitter which where both at their highest over 10% increase (15,6% for twitter and 12.3% for Volkswagen) giving me a profit of almost 200 euros. My original thought process at the time was that of a competitor so, as a result I started to do some day trading which was what brought me down in the leader boards and later on I found out that this is not working from me selling a bunch of stocks when they were in the negatives gradually making my loss bigger than it initially was. One stock, seaside sun TM gave me a -18,59% loss which was the company that would eventually cement me rock bottom.

The stock I invested in first were twitter because of how, at the time, twitter was used as communication for the presidential elections in the US. Huge controversy was conveyed by the two candidates on twitter and this would influence a lot more people to use it. Also it is a very progressive network that hasn't experienced to many crashes. Eventually it payed off due to one of the candidates supporting the network financially investing millions into it.

Stage 3 - portfolio re-evaluate

Stag 4 - My final portfolio

My final reflection on how it went, If I could go back in time to change my previous decisions. I wouldn't be so angsty the next time and I would probably invest in more solid and well known stocks than smaller ones. I would also leave the stocks alone if they are in the negative until they get back in to the positive. This project has taught me to have the responsibility in investing money (luckily fake) and to interpret the future in a legitimate way that would be possible.

My rank and progress through the stock market project
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