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The School Board should rethink solutions that would improve the school system rather than relying on test scores from standardized tests taken by the students. The overall grade of a school system does not be come from the product, the test scores, but rather the inner core of the school - the teachers.

When instructors do not teach lessons that will be aligned with, for example, standardized tests, students become overwhelmed with stress knowing that the information on the test is not something that they have learned.
Students will feel pressured, stressed, and helpless if their only source of information comes from the teachers that do not know what they are teaching or are not carrying out their job. Because standardized tests are vital for determining a student's future, preparing the students for such an important event should become a top priority.

The main goal of teachers is to help students achieve academic success as well as success for their future. However, the most important step is to ensure that the teachers themselves will help students achieve their academic success.

Not only will evaluating teachers improve the core of a school, but will also ensure that students, from kindergarten to college, will receive a high quality education and will be prepared to take on the future!

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