Stress By: HAssan khalifa

What are the causes and effects of stress In student life?
How can you manage stress?
What creates disabling stress in one person, may not have the same affect on another. What best relieves stress is also personal. You may have tried some simple sounding formulas for managing your stress and found that they really aren’t that helpful. Effective stress management relies on a tested, comprehensive approach that includes both awareness of stress and lifestyle changes. The following seven tips are designed with that in mind.
What techniques and strategies are there for managing stress ?

*write:( it may help to writE about things that are bothering you )

*lEt you feeling oUt :( talk , laugh , cry , and express anger When you need to)

*do something you enjoy:( you may feel that you're too busY to do these things)

*FoCus on the pResent :( meditation and guided imagery are two ways to foCus and relax you mind )

*mediate:( you focus Your attention on things thAt are happening right now)

*use guided imagery:(you imagine yourself in anY setting that helps you feel calm and relaxed)


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