The Byzantine Empire By: Sierra Dettling

The word hippodrome comes from the Greek word hippos, meaning "horse," and dromos, meaning "race" or "course."

Restore- To bring back to an original state

Sculptures of horses, such as the one above, greeted people who enjoyed chariot races at the Hippodrome.

Theodora was a member of a lower social class. Justinian could not marry her: it was illegal for people of lower classes to marry nobles. Justinian's uncle, Justin, who was the emperor, changed the law so that the couple could marry.

Mosaics- Motifs or images created by an arrangement of colored glass or stone

The dome of the Hagia Sophia towers more than 180 feet above the ground. For more than 1,000 years, the Hagia Sophia was the largest cathedral in the world. When the Ottoman Turks conquered Constantinople in A.D. 1453, the cathedral was converted to a mosque. Today, Hagia Sophia is a museum.

Justinian's uncle, Justin, provided Justinian with an excellent education at a school in Byzantine. When Justin became emperor, he adopted Justinian and made him chief advisor and, later, co-ruler. In A.D. 527, Justin died, and Justinian became emperor.

Saints- People considered holy by followers of the Capital christian faith

In addition to body armor such as this, Byzantine calvary soldiers also wore plumed helmets. Calvary made the Byzantine army a formidable fighting force.

Legal- Of or relating to the law

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