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DOing THINGS IN San Jose, CA


Hacienda Cemetery is situated in the historic San Jose community of New Almaden. While this community is part of present-day San Jose, it was once a bustling mining town in one of the wildest parts of the Wild West, where bandits, mountain lions, and the constant dangers of mercury mining were typical of the area.

Hacienda Cemetery holds the mortal remains of the New Almaden Quicksilver miners and their families who lived nearby from the 1850s to the 1920s. At one time, Almaden Quicksilver was the largest mercury mine in the world. Around 50 graves, both marked and unmarked, scatter the wooded landscape.

In 1898, when Bert Barrett was 13 years old, a shotgun blew off almost half of his left arm in a hunting accident. In compliance with the laws of the time, he buried his severed arm in the Hacienda Cemetery. The grave marker reads: “His arm lies here. May it rest in peace.” The rest of Bertram’s body is buried 11 miles away at Oak Hill Memorial Park. After his amputated limb was interred at Hacienda Cemetery, the rest of Richard Bertram Barrett went on to live a very successful life. He went on to become the Chief of Sanitation for the Santa Clara County Health Department, and the road that bisects the cemetery in which his arm is buried is named for him. In 1959, he passed away at the age of 74.


In 1853, Christopher A. Shelton purchased 12 hives of bees from an unknown beekeeper in what is now Colon, Panama. The bees, already transported to Panama from New York, were then sent up to San Francisco and then Alviso, the nearest port to San Jose, by steamer. The bees then continued their journey via train and mule to the 1939-acre Rancho Potrero de Santa Clara where Shelton settled.

Only enough bees to form one hive survived. These bees endured the tedious trek and were propagated throughout California and soon the whole of the West Coast. Shelton was not so fortunate and died alongside other prominent South Bay Residents of the time on the infamous Jenny Lind steamship explosion just a month after the receipt of his bees. His three hives—it didn’t take long for his original stock to multiply—were sold at auction for $110 each, 22 times the price of a beehive on the East Coast.


In 2005, a 44-year-old truck mechanic named Roger Castillo was walking his dog along the Guadalupe River. On this particular walk, when his dog started poking around the side of the embankment, Castillo saw something nobody had ever seen in the river: the bones of a Columbian mammoth.

Castillo alerted a San Jose State University geologist, along with the owners of the property. With the help of scientists from UC Berkeley’s Museum of Paleontology, the protrusions from the river bank were determined to be the tusks of a 12,500-year-old juvenile Columbian mammoth along with the most complete remains of a mammoth ever found in Santa Clara county.

The mammoth remains were excavated and are now part of an exhibit at the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose. Along the bike path, just north of the San Jose Mineta International Airport, the site of the discovery is marked by an 11-foot-tall bent pipe sculpture of a Columbian mammoth, weighing in at nearly 12,000 pounds.

this year's 408k is super

Get ready for the big game and kickoff your day with the 8th Annual San Jose 408k "Race to the Row" on Sunday, Feb. 3, 2019. The 8k Run/Walk starts in downtown San Jose and finishes at beautiful Santana Row. This fun point-to-point course features the famous “Mariachi Mile,” "Memorial Mile," and takes you through some of San Jose’s most charming neighborhoods, including The Alameda business district and the historic Rose Garden, before an exciting finish "on The Row."

run with us, then super bowl party

Join the Inaugural Unofficial San Jose Super Bowl Fast Moving 8k Parade

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prepping for 408k start line...

see you in San Jose run local friends...

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