On stage, no script, everyone watching, IMPROV

Improv with a partner it goes quick

You only have limited time before it is your turn. Improv is making anything up and going with it, it’s like acting without a script. But improv is harder with a partner because you never know what they are going to say. When you do improve with a partner just go with what they say and never say no. Another thing is, When you hear a slight stop say something to keep the scene going just in case they intend for it to be your turn, so there is no dead silence. Make sure you don’t choke (to stumble over words). Be ready to go along. Also, If you need to change the topic change it, but otherwise stick with it. Just be ready.

Be ready

Always be ready to say anything. The most important thing is to concentrate. If you are not paying attention, then you will not know what to say or do and you will embarrass yourself. You can also say anything you would like. It could be happy, sad, funny, angry. In addition to, Make sure you use a distinct character (only one ) stay focused and be ready everything will go great.

Don’t stop keep going

If you stop for a long time good luck you will need it. For example, ,You can take a pause to think about what to say but never stop completely because if you need to think do something funny without saying. When I did improv at acting class I had know idea what to say, so I started doing a silly dance while I thought of what to say, so there was no empty space and it worked he said that was the perfect way to keep going and still entertain. Another thing is, if you have a creative spark (a great idea) use it. If you need dance or do something silly to keep going while you do improv you have mastered the step of keep going.

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