I think, so I must be what I thought... The inner workings of an eclectic Photographer

A little bit about me:

Born in an Edgware biscuit factory back in March 1969 I waited until August 2015 before getting my first "proper camera". Inspired in part by my children's GCSE photography projects I set about taking some terrible images, shooting only unprocessed (RAW) files and in Manual mode from the beginning. Despite the challenges, I finally knew what I wanted to do "when I grew up".

Procrastination: noun the action of delaying or postponing something.

Having hit the heady heights of truly overrating some of my early images and proudly sharing them on local social media groups, it soon dawned on me that almost everyone was a photographer now and that I actually had a lot to learn.

...When your arty long exposure seascape is getting fewer 'likes' than Gloria's out of focus duck.


However, nothing before had equally tapped into my obsessive nature as the urge to seek and capture my next image.

...Except bubble wrap

And just over three years later with increasing hunger and little preference I shoot: wildlife, landscapes, people, portraits, surreal, in fact most genres, but as subjects - never steam trains or Morris dancing - those are for other people.

Morris dancing deeply bothers me, partly due I think, to the unpredictable movement; I have no such issues with steam trains.

In the hope of expanding my experience I have decided to write a regular blog: nothing pompous, hopefully informative, the highs, the lows and with the aim of featuring those creative people that I have met and meet who truly embellish it. I am also hoping that blogging will save me from opening more Instagram accounts to accommodate my compulsion to shoot whatever I think of next.

Huge leaves with wife for scale.
A talented Barn Owl
A talented friend @stickyman {instagram]
A talented sunset.

But in order to extend the journey I seek people and experiences, so if you want to feature in an image, shoot with company, collaborate, maybe learn something or even if you are just slightly curious - no matter what level - don't be shy, please get in touch via my website's contact page (or on FB if we are already acquainted).

I wasn't really born in a biscuit factory.

Thanks for reading

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Paul J James



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